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Circular on the Convocation of 4th Animal Source Food Security Summit

CVMA executive directors,

Relevant entities,

Experts and scholars,

In recent years, the mushrooming animal welfare issues triggered by the increasingly intensive development of larger-sized Chinese pork producers have posed direct threat to ecological environment, food quality and public health security. The assimilation of animal welfare ideology and industrial experience with a view to preventing recurrence of problems arising from intensive, mass production in Europe thus has a vital bearing on the revamp of domestic pork production mode, the healthy and sustainable development of related sectors, the maintenance of quality and security of pork products in stabilizing markets, and the promotion of harmony among humans, animals and nature.

In order to discuss the animal welfare-related policies, services and technology from the perspective of domestic pork production, offer solutions to the restructuring and development of related sectors and maintain security of pork products available, Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA) will sponsor the 4th Animal Source Food Security Summit with the theme of “Innovation, Development, Cooperation, Win-win - Promoting the Revamp of China’s Pork Production Mode through European Animal Welfare-related Technology” together with Sino-Italian Development Cooperation Programs’ Implementation Unit (PIU) and International Foundation for Food Security and Safety (IFFSS). Relevant issues are hereby notified as follows:

I. Organizers

1. Sponsors

Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (CVMA)

Sino-Italian Development Cooperation Programs’ Implementation Unit (PIU)

International Foundation for Food Security and Safety (IFFSS)

2 Organizer

Anhua Animal Products Security Institute (APSRI)

3. Supporters

Department of Finance, Ministry of Finance; Bureau of Veterinary, Department of Animal Husbandry, and Bureau of Quality and Safety Supervision for Agro-products, Ministry of Agriculture; Italian Embassy in China; The World Society for the Protection of Animals; ANAS; and the People’s Insurance Company (Group) of China

II. Theme

Innovation, Development, Cooperation, Win-win - Promoting theRevamp of China’s Pork Production Mode through European Animal Welfare-related Technology

III. Form and Contents

1.     Form

Centered round the theme of “Innovation, Development, Cooperation, Win-win - Promoting the Revamp of China’s Pork Production Mode through European Animal Welfare-related Technology”, noted experts at home and abroad will present a panorama of farm animal welfare by delivering keynote reports on healthy breeding, meat security, environmental protection and sustainable agricultural development, and distinguished guests will comment on the reports and answer questions from the audience along with the keynote speakers.

2. Contents

(1) Chinese and Italian competent authorities will introduce the status quo and policies of pork production industry of their respective country.

(2) An official of the Ministry of Finance will give an account of Sino-Italian cooperation.

(3) An Italian government official will elaborate on the role of animal welfare in promoting the development of pork production industries at home and in Europe from an institutional point of view, with suggestions proposed for their Chinese counterpart.

(4) Officials from animal husbandry and veterinary authorities will explicate the role of animal welfare in the revamp of domestic pork production mode.

(5) International experts will illustrate the animal welfare-related applications, findings and specifications inItalyand its role in promoting the development of pork production industry of the country.

(6) Experts from Italian and European institutes will expatiate on animal welfare-minded breeding, shipping and slaughtering approaches as well as the role and trend of animal welfare.

(7) Italian experts will spread advanced experience in genetics and breeding, disease control and prevention, feeding management, feed processing, farm and slaughterhouse design.

(8) Deputies from domestic and international enterprises will share their achievements in animal welfare and unveil its importance to sustained business development.

IV. Article Solicitation

In order to expand the scope of interactions, we hereby solicit articles pertaining to the theme of the forum. The deadline of contributions is May 20, 2014. An article collection will be compiled for participants’ reference. The format of articles including:Title , Abstract , Key words , Introduction , Materials and Methods , Results , Discussion , Reference. The article should be written in clear and grammatically correct English . Scienctific language , nomenclature and standard international units should be used .

V. Time and Venue

1. Time

June 17-19, 2014 (Registration: June 17; conferences: June 18-19)

2. Place

Yuyang Hotel Beijing (No.18 Central Xinyuan Xili Road)

VI. Participants

1. Officials from the centers for animal disease control and prevention and the animal health authorities of various autonomous regions, provinces and municipalities, as well as from the Animal Husbandry and Veterinary Station of Xinjiang Production and Construction Corps;

2. Specially invited officials and experts;

3. CVMA executive directors;

4. Accepted contributors;

5. Experts and scholars from colleges and institutes;

6. Deputies of enterprises specializing in breeding, slaughtering, feed processing, veterinary drugs, breeding & slaughtering equipment manufacturing;

7. Deputies of financial and investment institutions.

Proposed participants shall fill out the confirmation letter (see Appendix  for its format) and fax the same to CVMA for application prior to May 30. Due to the limited size of the conferences, the candidates will be screened by the forum sponsors. The shortlisted candidates will receive the invitation letters from CVMA and go through the registration formalities by producing the letters.

Travel and accommodation costs shall be borne by the participants.

Please pay attention to other relevant information of the forum released and updated via the official website of CVMA (www.cvma.org.cn) and the mobile phone APP dedicated to the forum.

VII. Contacts


Contact Person: Mrs. Lu

Tel.: 010-62120119

Fax: 010-62125789

E-mail :  xx@cvma.org.cn


Contact Person: Liu Kai

Tel.: 010-85892175

E-mail: apsri@126.com

Appendix Confirmation Letter.doc

China Veterinary Medical Association


Date 21th Aprail


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