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The conference of the Third Chinese Veterinary Conference was held in Beijing
        The third Chinese veterinary conference approved by the relevant departments of the ministry of agriculture,will be held on October 28-30th at suzhou jiangsu province.  For convenience of all the public to know about the related condition of the third veterinary conference,facilitate the Participants unit and the veterinary good preparation before conference,and ensure that the third Chinese veterinary conference is successfully held,on the morning of September 28,Chinese Veterinary Medical Association and the China Animal Disease Control Center held the " The Conference of The Third CHINESE VETERINARY CONFERENCE "in Beijing. 

      The Conference was host by Xuepen Cai, the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association secretary general, Chinese animal disease prevention and control center director.President Youling Jia issued the preparation information of the third veterinary conference.  China National Radio, XinHua net, PRC, GuangMing net, Farmers' daily, Animal Husbandry and Veterinary news and so on,more than 20 news media attended the conference. Association vice secretary-general QingBo Wang, Xiangyang Huang, Leilei Yuan and Yongfu Kuang the general manager of Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions all attended the conference.    
      President Youling Jia pointed out that, the third term of Chinese veterinary conference is based on the conclusion of the first and second term successful experience, adhering to the objective of "improve our practice veterinary comprehensive quality, promote new veterinary team construction, and promote the healthy development of veterinary industry", defined conference theme is " Strengthen cooperation among veterinarians in various fields ".  Around this theme,veterinary development BBS, Chinese Veterinary Day Celebrations, veterinary cultural corridor, starting practice veterinary credit system construction, starting practice veterinary continue education website, holding veterinary technology and products fair and other activities will be carried out.      
      Veterinary development BBS is one of the main activities.It will present four big lightspot:
      The first is the international Chinese veterinarian academic BBS.   As an annual important event of Chinese veterinarian field, this year the international Chinese veterinarian academic BBS will be held during the conference.There will be more than 60 foreigner tradition veterinarian from the United States, Italy, Spain, Japan, Costa Rica, panama and other countries, and nearly 200 domestic tradition veterinarian experts, through more than 20 field project report, communicating tradition veterinarian development present situation and prospects, acupuncture and moxibustion therapy,  tradition medicine and other tradition veterinarian therapy, dogs ,cats and horses disease tradition veterinarian treatment technology and so on.
      The second is the pet medical institution management special performance.BBS has invited the famous American pet medical expert Doc .Yoo, he will detailed introduce the successful management experience of the American pet medical institutions, to improve the overall domestic pet medical institution management level.
     The third is aquatic animals special treatment technology.     This is the first veterinary development BBS opens aquatic animals diagnosis and treatment technology of special performance, not only provides a wider communication platform for aquatic animals veterinary diagnosis and treatment industry, but also further enrich the connotation of the veterinary development BBS.      
     The Fourth is animal health and welfare special performance.    In recent years, the animal welfare has become a hot topic of the whole society, and more closely related with food safety, citizen quality, moral requirement and so on.Along with the OIE “the animal health code” of animal welfare requirements is more and more. the function and position of veterinary in animal welfare is more and more prominent, the animal welfare has become a new task to Chinese veterinary.Therefore, China veterinary association animal health service and welfare branch decides to organization the animal welfare BBS during the third Chinese veterinary conference, inviting domestic and overseas animal welfare research and practice professional personage to diagnose, in order to seek the traceability, clear reason, search problem, seek the task and function of veterinary in animal welfare field, to promote of China's animal welfare sustained healthy development.     
      President Youling Jia requires association units and the secretariat earnestly each preparatory work, and thank all of the media unit concerning and supporting China veterinary association activities, through publicity report, creating a good development environment for veterinary career development.Looking forward to the Chinese Veterinary Medical Association and the Reed Sinopharm Exhibitions are close cooperation, earnest preparation, we will make the third Chinese veterinary conference to promoting veterinary comprehensive skills, cooperation and exchange, understanding new technology and new trend, and promoting the development of veterinary industry once again, expanding Chinese veterinarys influence in the world. 

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