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About CVMA

In accordance with the requirements of No. 15 Official Document issued by State Council of People’s Republic of China (hereinafter referred to as P.R.China) in 2005 and jointly proposed by China Animal Disease Control Centre, China Agricultural University, China Institute of Veterinary Drug Control and China Animal Health and Epidemiology Centre and having prepared for several years, Chinese Veterinary Medical Association (hereinafter referred to as CVMA) was formally established on October 28th, 2009 as a nationwide, not-for-profit non-governmental organisation. CVMA shall accept guidance, supervision and management from the Ministry of Agriculture and from its registry, the Ministry of Civil Affairs of P.R.China.

The CVMA shall abide by the Constitution, laws, regulations and policies of the P.R.China as well as social ethics. For the purpose of promoting a sound development of veterinary service in all aspects, the Association shall assume such a role to guide, serve, coordinate, defend rights and interests, and exercise self-discipline of the veterinary profession; unite and organize veterinarians in the country, and improve their professional competence, medical treatment capability and service quality; safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of its members; integrate resources, standardize conduct and undertake activities in the veterinary industry.

The National Conference of Member Representatives holds the highest authority within the CVMA and shall be held once every 5 years. It is responsible for electing the Council which is responsible for electing President, Vice Presidents, Secretary-generals and Executive Council Members.  At the closing of the Conference and Council meetings, the Executive Council shall exercise the authority of the Council and implement the decisions of the Conference. The CVMA constitutes 3 Committees and these are Expert Committee, Professional Ethic and Rights Defence Committee and the Education, Science and Technology Committee.

It also consists of 6 Branch Associations and they are Pet Medical Practice Association, Animal Medical Practice Association, Animal Disease Control Association, Traditional Chinese Veterinary Medicine Association, Animal Health and Welfare Association and Domesticated and Experimental Animal Association. The CVMA Secretariat comprises 5 offices which are General Office, Membership Department, Publicity Department, Liaison Department and Continuing Education Department.  The Secretary-general shall be responsible to take charge of daily work of the Secretariat.

It shall be the function of the Association to:

1. Coordinate internal and external relationships of the profession, support veterinary practice in accordance with the law and safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of practicing veterinarians; 

2. Exercise self-discipline in the profession, improve development of professional ethics, and normalize conduct of practice; 

3. Undertake the following activities, subject to approval by relevant government departments:

a. Study the latest development and trends of veterinary practice and allied industries at home and abroad; provide advice and suggestions for its members; conduct research and establish criteria for veterinarians; create a personal assessment system; examine and certify practicing veterinarians; supervise their practice; explore new modes, means and ways for their management; and create continuing education programs to support the medical capability of veterinarians;

b. Take part in formulation, amendment, publicity and implementation of laws, regulations and standards for the industry;

c. Establish the norms of animal welfare, veterinary apparatus and instruments, animal insurance and animal identification to standardize and promote animal health service and welfare in the country;

d. Establish the quality assessment and certification criteria for veterinary educational institutions to promote healthy development of veterinary education;

e. Provide recognition for veterinarians and the outstanding staff members of the Association; and

f. Provide animal clinics with guidance on standardization.

4. Cooperate with international organizations to develop technical information exchange at home and abroad, provide members with a platform of technical exchange to improve their medical capability and promote the development of veterinary practice;

5. Make arrangements for activities in veterinary continuing education to improve their medical skills and knowledge;

6. Popularize veterinary knowledge, spread scientific thoughts and methodologies, extend advanced veterinary skills, publish journals, software, audio and video products on veterinary medicine, and set up websites for creating a comprehensive information exchange and service platform for veterinary profession;

7. Keep abreast of the status quo, requirements and desires of veterinarians as well as the key issues confronted by the profession, provide counsel accordingly; 

8. Promote scientific and technical progress in the field of veterinary medicine, popularize new technologies and achievements to enhance adoption within the profession; and

9. Undertake tasks entrusted by its competent department, and address matters related to the purposes of the Association.

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