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Speech from the President of WVA


Dear President ,

Dear Deans and Professors

Dear Delegates ,Dear Colleagues  


It’s a privilege and a great honor for me to attend today with you the 3rd Chinese Veterinary Medical Association Congress in the beautiful city of Suzhou.

On behalf of the WVA and all our members, I would like to thank you very much for your kind invitation and giving me the opportunity to share with you this important Event. 

The history of our organisation, the World Veterinary Association, goes back to 1863, when Dr Gamgee took the initiative to organise the International Veterinary Congress. Six years later the first World Veterinary Congress was held. The following foundation of a Permanent Committee led to the establishment of the World Veterinary Association.

Since these years much has changed and our predecessors, how visionary they might have been, could never imagine our world of today: all medical and technological innovations, the massive international movements of animals and animal products, people travelling to the other end of the world within 24 hours, the enormous demand for animal proteins to mention a few.

What not has changed over all these years, is the relevance of animal health, disease prevention and control, food safety and food security, to mention a few. On the contrary, with the growing recognition of issues like One Health and Animal Welfare, the importance of veterinary medicine has only grown.

More than ever, veterinary issues require a well coordinated, global approach, involving all stakeholders. With this in mind the World Veterinary Association putting more and more emphasis on international policy making. Our ultimate goal is to provide veterinary global leadership in the fields of Animal Health, Animal Welfare and Public Health.

Last year a revision of our structure and our decision making procedures was initiated. The objectives of this action include: raising our profile, an increased visibility, strengthening the internal cohesion, and a more efficient decision making process.

First results of the on-going exercise became visible at the 2011 World Veterinary Congress in Cape Town (South Africa), where WVA successfully organised the formal closure of the World Veterinary Year Vet-2011.

On the same occasion in Cape Town WVA, together with OIE, FAO and WHO also organised a successful global summit on the use of antimicrobials.

Conclusions we have drawn for this summit comprise:

·     Antimicrobials must never be a default for poor animal husbandry;

·     Both animals and humans require treatment with all available classes of antimicrobials;

·     Responsible use of antimicrobials is pivotal both for humans and animals. Raising awareness and education on the responsible use of antimicrobials.

The second edition of the global summit is already in preparation. It will be held at the next World Veterinary Congress in September 2013 in Prague (Czech Republic).

The responsible use of antimicrobials also was the theme for the 2012 World Veterinary Day Award, an initiative of WVA. The large number of good quality applications from all over the world for this award underline the positive effect World Veterinary Day competition has on education and raising awareness about the responsible use of antimicrobials.

I also would like to draw your attention to the position and policy papers WVA has developed on many issues varying from Animal Health and Welfare to One Health, Professional Ethics, Veterinary Education,   and Environmental Health. They are all available on our website. Comments that might help us to improve these documents are certainly welcome.

Other initiatives currently in WVA’s pipeline are the organisation of a global conference on Veterinary Statutory Bodies and Veterinary Education the WVA and TVMA decides to organize in Bangkok, Thailand the 3rd Global Conference on veterinary education from to 2 to 4 May 2013.  It goes without saying that a collaborative approach of WVA and OIE will provide synergy and more success for both organisations. The date and Venue of this combine global conference have been decided in Brazil in December 2013.

For both topics, which are so closely linked together and which affect public as well as private interests, a balanced input from all partners is needed.

Regulators and official veterinarians together with animal keepers and private veterinarians are all part of one and the same system; the global system to assure the health and welfare of animals and people. This system will only be a strong as its weakest part. Together we have to join our forces and to move forward shoulder on shoulder.


Last week in Bangkok, the WVA was invited at the World Medical Association’s General Assembly WMA and a Memorandum of Understanding was signed between the two world associations to strengthen the One Health Concept and the close collaboration to promote together antimicrobial resistance, prudent use of antimicrobials, control of zoonosis and food safety.

A mutual beneficial relationship and the need of establishing working arrangements and collaborate in the One Health initiative.  

The World Veterinary Association much appreciate, and wishes to thank OIE, FAO, WHO,WMA and all international organizations and NGO’s for the collaboration and partnership.

Dear Colleagues, being 149 years young the World Veterinary Association is full of energy and commitment; commitment to the promotion of Animal Health,  Animal Welfare and Public Health. In this spirit we look forward to work with you to face the current challenges and those that lay ahead.

Next year WVA will celebrate its 150th anniversary in Prague. It will be my pleasure to welcome all of you at this occasion and to see more and more members joining WVA.

I take this opportunity to thank the CVMA for their great consideration to the WVA and hope to more collaboration in order to encourage you to offer the profession a high level veterinary future.

Finally I would like to invite CVMA to take part actively at the future WVA events in Bangkok (May 2013) ,Prague in September 2013 and Brazil December 2013.

You are all the most Welcome.


God Bless our Profession.


Dr.  Faouzi Kechrid

President World Veterinary Association.

Suzhou,October 28th ,2012

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